Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails are generally well managed with simple conservative care. Occasionally the need for more invasive treatment of ingrown toenails is required.

A partial or total nail avulsion (PNA/TNA) is a surgical procedure designed to permanently correct troublesome ingrown toenails. Performed under local anaesthetic, the offending section of nail is removed, before the area from which the nail grows is chemically destroyed to prevent regrowth of that section.

The advantages of this procedure are the relief of pain and/or infection, a permanent correction with a high success rate and there are no cuts to the skin, and therefore no sutures are required.

As with any medical procedure, nail avulsion procedures involve some risks and possible complications. These include an adverse reaction to local anaesthetic, bleeding, and infection after the operation. The risk of regrowth of the offending nail is very low. If regrowth occurs a repeat of the procedure would be required.

As each ingrown toenail problem is unique and individual it is best to discuss your toenail with one of our Podiatrists before proceeding to book for your nail surgery.